The team of personnel who now work on Ethnologue has grown as the scope of the project and the number and kinds of products we offer have expanded. The time has come where our growth and our plans for continued improvement require us to look at some additional funding options.
Language of the Day
A language of Italy. Population: 1,000 (2012 W. Breu). 1,000 speakers among 2,300 inhabitants of the 3 villages, plus a number in expatriate communities (Salminen 2007). Ethnic population: 2,000 ( W. Breu). Status: 8a (Moribund). ...
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Ethnologue Products

Ethnologue is the comprehensive reference work that catalogs all the known living languages in the world today. In addition to this web site, it is made available in a variety of other products: books, country reports, datasets, downloadable maps.

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