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Kalaallit Nunaat. 58,000 (1995). Affiliated with Denmark; home rule since 1979. Literacy rate 93%. Christian. Data accuracy estimate: A2. The number of languages listed for Greenland is 2.

DANISH [DNS] 7,830 in Greenland, 14.5% of the population (1986); 5,292,000 in all countries. Also in Denmark, Canada, Germany, Norway, USA. Indo-European, Germanic, North, East Scandinavian. National language Y. Bible 1550, in press (1993). NT 1524-1989. Bible portions 1528-1987.

INUKTITUT, GREENLANDIC (GREENLANDIC ESKIMO, GREENLANDIC, KALAALLISUT) [ESG] 40,000 in Greenland (1990 L.D. Kaplan); 7,000 on Denmark mainland (1990 L.D. Kaplan); 47,000 total. Greenland. Eskimo-Aleut, Eskimo, Inuit. Dialects: WEST GREENLANDIC, EAST GREENLANDIC, POLAR ESKIMO (THULE ESKIMO). Language use in Greenland is vigorous. Dialects are all inherently intelligible (Nida 1972). West Greenlandic and Danish are used in schools. National language. Fishermen, fur export. Bible 1900. NT 1766-1893. Bible portions 1744-1985.

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