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195,623,000 (1995). Republic of Indonesia, Republik Indonesia. Literacy rate 78% to 85%. Also includes Western Cham, Uyghur, Arabic, people from India and Europe. Information mainly from SIL; Wurm and Hattori 1981. Data accuracy estimate: A2, B. Also includes Arabic, Western Cham, Uyghur, people from India, Europe. Muslim, Christian, traditional religion, Hindu, Buddhist, secular. Blind population 1,000,000. Deaf population 2,000,000 or more (1993). Deaf institutions: 94.

Indonesia, Irian Jaya

Indonesia, Java Bali

Indonesia, Kalimantan

Indonesia, Maluku

Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara

Indonesia, Sulawesi

Indonesia, Sumatra

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