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445,000 (1995); 98% ethnic Chinese. Literacy rate: 61% to 82%. Also includes 4% ethnic Chinese speaking Burmese. Chinese traditional religion, secular, Christian. The number of languages listed for Macau is 3.

CHINESE, YUE (CANTONESE, YUEH, YUE) [YUH] 498,000 in Macau; nearly 100% of population (1986); 46,305,000 in China; 66,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Also China, Hongkong, Malaysia, other countries. Sino-Tibetan, Chinese. 7,500 Macanese (Eurasians) speak Yue as first language. 20% have Portuguese citizenship. Over 50% were born in Mainland China. Bible 1894-1981. NT 1877, in press (1996). Bible portions 1862-1903.

MACANESE (MACAO CREOLE PORTUGUESE, MACAENSE) [MZS] A few speakers (1996 Ian Watts) out of 7,500 in the ethnic group in Macau (1985); 4,000 in Hongkong (1977). Also in Hongkong and possibly the USA. Creole, Portuguese based. Still a small number of elderly women who speak the language in Macau. Survey needed.

PORTUGUESE [POR] 2,000 first language speakers; 11,500 second language speakers; 3% of the population (1985 Time); 170,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Ibero-Romance, North, Western. National language. Bible 1751, in press (1993). NT 1681-1982. Bible portions 1505-1951.

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