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248,000 (1995). Literacy rate 93% to 95.4%. 1,200 islands; 203 inhabited. Also includes Sinhalese 1,400, Arabic 300, from India 1,000. Data accuracy estimate: B. Muslim, mainly Sunni. The number of languages listed for Maldives is 1.

MALDIVIAN (MALIKH, MAHL, MALKI, DIVEHI, DIVEHLI, DIVEHI BAS) [SNM] 213,215 in Maldives (1991 Statistical Yearbook of Maldives); 5,035 in India (1971 census); 220,000 in all countries. Also on Minicoy Island in the Laccadive Islands in India. Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Sinhalese-Maldivian. No transitional dialects to Sinhalese, which is a separate language. Writing system called 'Tana'. National language. Fishermen. Sunni Muslim, traditional religion. Survey needed.

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