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St. Vincent and the Grenadines

120,000 (1995). Self governing part of British West Indies. Literacy rate 85%. Christian, traditional religion, Baha'i. Data accuracy estimate: B. The number of languages listed for St. Vincent and the Grenadines is 3. Of those, 2 are living languages and 1 is extinct.

CARIB, ISLAND [CAI] Formerly also in Dominica. Arawakan, Maipuran, Northern Maipuran, Caribbean. Dialect: VINCENTIAN. Not inherently intelligible with Garífuna in more than a limited way (D. Taylor IJAL 1959.67). Became extinct in Dominica and St. Vincent about 1920.

ENGLISH [ENG] 322,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Indo-European, Germanic, West, North Sea, English. National language. Bible 1535-1989. NT 1525-1985. Bible portions 1530-1987.

LESSER ANTILLEAN CREOLE ENGLISH [VIB] 113,000 in St. Vincent (1989 J. Holm); 52,250 U.S. Virgin Islands (1980 WA); 36,000 Tobago (1990); 350,000 in all countries. Virgin Islands to Tobago. Creole, English based, Atlantic, Eastern, Southern. Dialect: VINCENTIAN CREOLE ENGLISH. Closest to Grenada, Tobago. Slightly intelligible with Jamaican and perhaps Bahamas creoles. May have some French influence. J. Holm says it is the only folk language (1989:457). Survey needed.

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