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Tucanoan (26)
Central Tucanoan (1):
CUBEO [CUB] (Colombia)
Eastern Tucanoan (16)
Central (11)
Bara (4):
POKANGÁ [POK] (Brazil)
TUYUCA [TUE] (Colombia)
WAIMAHA [BAO] (Colombia)
YURUTI [YUI] (Colombia)
Desano (2):
DESANO [DES] (Brazil)
SIRIANO [SRI] (Colombia)
Southern (3):
BARASANA [BSN] (Colombia)
MACUNA [MYY] (Colombia)
Tatuyo (2):
CARAPANA [CBC] (Colombia)
TATUYO [TAV] (Colombia)
Northern (4):
ARAPASO [ARJ] (Brazil)
GUANANO [GVC] (Brazil)
TUCANO [TUO] (Brazil)
Unclassified (1):
YAHUNA [YNU] (Colombia)
Miriti (1):
MIRITI [MMV] (Brazil)
Western Tucanoan (8)
Northern (6)
Coreguaje (1):
KOREGUAJE [COE] (Colombia)
Siona-Secoya (3):
MACAGUAJE [MCL] (Colombia)
SECOYA [SEY] (Ecuador)
SIONA [SIN] (Colombia)
Tama (1):
TAMA [TEN] (Colombia)
Tetete (1):
TETETE [TEB] (Ecuador)
Southern (1):
Tanimuca (1):

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