HOPI: a language of USA

The following is the entry for this language as it appeared in the 14th edition (2000).
It was superseded by the corresponding entry in the 15th edition (2005). See also the corresponding entry in the 16th edition (2009).

SIL code: HOP

ISO 639-2: nai

Population 5,264 speakers who speak Hopi at home (1990 census), out of a 6,500 population (1977 SIL). 
Region Several villages in northeast Arizona, with small numbers in Utah and New Mexico.
Classification Uto-Aztecan, Northern Uto-Aztecan, Hopi.
Comments All ages, including 40 monolinguals (1990). 5,264 were over 5 years old, 989 of those were 5 to 17 years old, 3,390 were 18 to 54, 388 were 55 to 64, 578 were 65 and older (1990). Children being raised speaking the language (1998). Language use is vigorous except for some younger ones who prefer English. Dictionary. NT 1972.

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