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Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken

A language of Iraq

ISO 639-3: acm

Population 11,500,000 in Iraq. Population total all countries: 15,100,000.
Region Tigris and Euphrates clusters are in Iraq. Also spoken in Iran, Jordan, Syria, Turkey (Asia).
Alternate names   Mesopotamian Qeltu Arabic, Mesopotamian Gelet Arabic, Baghdadi Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, Furati
Dialects Anatolian Cluster, Tigris Cluster, Euphrates Cluster. Geographical and sectarian divisions correlate with Iraqi dialects. The vernacular standard is forming based on Baghdad speech. There are also Bedouin dialects. Nearly unintelligible to speakers of certain other vernacular Arabic varieties.
Classification Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic
Language use National language.
Language development Radio programs. TV.
Comments SVO. Muslim (Shi'a, Sunni), Christian, Jewish, Yezidi.

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Language name   Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken
Population 1,200,000 in Iran.
Region Khuzestan Province, southwest side of Zagros Mountains, along the bank of the Shatt al Arab.
Alternate names   Mesopotamian Gelet Arabic, `Arabi, Arabi
Comments Muslim (Shi'a).


Language name   Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken
Population 1,800,000 in Syria.
Region Eastern Syria.
Alternate names   North Syrian Arabic, Furati, Mesopotamian Gelet Arabic
Dialects Euphrates Cluster.
Comments Muslim, Christian, Jewish.