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A language of Russia (Europe)

ISO 639-3: ady

Population 125,000 in Russia (1993 UBS). Population total all countries: 499,180.
Region Adygea Republic. Maikop is the capital. Also spoken in Australia, Egypt, France, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Macedonia, Netherlands, Syria, Turkey (Asia), USA.
Alternate names   Circassian, Lower Circassian, Kiakh, Kjax, West Circassian, Adygei, Adygey
Dialects Shapsug (Sapsug), Xakuchi, Bezhedukh (Bzedux, Bzhedug, Bezhehux-Temirgoi, Temirgoj, Chemgui), Abadzex (Abadekh, Abadzeg), Natuzaj (Natukhai). Closest to Kabardian.
Classification North Caucasian, West Caucasian, Circassian
Language use 96% speak it as first language.
Language development Taught in primary schools. Cyrillic script; Roman script in Turkey. Radio programs. Dictionary. Grammar. NT: 1992.
Comments Some literature. SOV. Muslim (Sunni).

Also spoken in:


Language name   Adyghe
Population 19,000 in Iraq (1993).
Alternate names   West Circassian, Adygey
Comments Muslim (Sunni).


Language name   Adyghe
Population 3,000 in Israel (1987).
Region Kafr Kama and Rehaniya, small border villages.
Alternate names   West Circassian, Adygey
Language use Speakers also use South Levantine Arabic.
Comments They came about 100 years ago from the Caucasus (now Russia). They call themselves 'Circassian'. Very slight dialect differences between the two villages. They understand radio programs in Adyghe from Jordan. Muslim (Sunni).


Language name   Adyghe
Population 44,280 in Jordan (1986).
Alternate names   West Circassian, Adygey
Comments City dwellers. Muslim (Sunni).


Language name   Adyghe
Region A few villages in Macedonia.
Alternate names   West Circassian, Adygey
Comments Muslim (Sunni).


Language name   Adyghe
Population 25,000 in Syria.
Alternate names   West Circassian, Adygey
Comments Muslim (Sunni).

Turkey (Asia)

Language name   Adyghe
Population 277,900 in Turkey (2000). 6,409 monolinguals (1965 census). Ethnic population: 130,000 in Turkey (1965 census).
Region Villages in Kayseri, Tokat, Karaman Maras, and many other provinces in central and western Anatolia.
Alternate names   Adygey, Circassian, Cherkes
Language use 94% bilingual in Turkish.
Comments Agriculturalists. Muslim (Sunni).