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Albanian, Gheg

A language of Serbia and Montenegro

ISO 639-3: aln

Population 1,793,911 in Serbia and Montenegro (2000 WCD). Population includes 50,000 in Montenegro. Population total all countries: 2,779,246. Ethnic population: 2,000,000 (1998 Los Angeles Times).
Region Kosova. Also spoken in Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, USA.
Alternate names   Geg, Shgip
Dialects Not intelligible with Tosk Albanian.
Classification Indo-European, Albanian, Gheg
Language use Official regional language in Kossovo. Vigorous. Books are published in Gheg. Restrictions on Albanian at Kossovo's university since 1990.
Language development Newspapers. NT: 1869–1990.
Comments Speakers are called 'Kossovar'. Muslim, Christian.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Albanian, Gheg
Population 300,000 in Albania.
Region Northern Albania.
Alternate names   Geg, Gheg, Shopni, Guegue
Dialects Mandrica, Ship (Kosove), Scutari, Elbasan-Tirana.
Language use Speakers may be bilingual in Standard Albanian.
Comments Muslim, Christian.


Language name   Albanian, Gheg
Population 1,000 in Bulgaria (1963 Newmark).


Language name   Albanian, Gheg
Population 600,000 in Macedonia (2002).
Alternate names   Geg
Comments Muslim (Sunni and Bektashi).