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Western Neo-Aramaic

A language of Syria

ISO 639-3: amw

Population 15,000 (1996 Maalula Home Page, Internet). Population includes 8,000 in Maaloula.
Region Qalamoun Mountains, 30 miles north of Damascus. Villages of Ma`lula, Bakh`a, and Jubb `Adin. Only in Syria.
Alternate names   Maalula, Siryon, Loghtha Siryanoytha, Neo-Western Aramaic
Dialects Ma`lula (Maalula, Maaloula, Ma`lu:la), Bakh`a (Bax`a), Jub-`adin (Jubb `Adi:n). Little dialect variation.
Classification Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, Aramaic, Western
Language use Used in the home and as a literary and religious language. Speakers also use Syrian Arabic.
Comments There are members of the ethnic group in the USA who now speak Arabic. Mountain slope. 1,500 meters. Peasant agriculturalists: vineyards, orchards. Christian, Muslim (Sunni).