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A language of Russia (Europe)

ISO 639-3: ava

Population 556,000 in Russia (1989 census). Population total all countries: 600,959.
Region Southern Dagestan ASSR and Terek and Sulak river areas. Also spoken in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey (Asia).
Alternate names   Avaro, Dagestani
Dialects Salatav, Kunzakh (Xunzax, Northern Avar), Keleb, Bacadin, Untib, Shulanin, Kaxib, Hid, Andalal-Gxdatl, Karax (Karakh), Batlux, Ancux (Antsukh), Zakataly (Char).
Classification North Caucasian, East Caucasian, Avar-Andic, Avar
Language use Trade language for Avar language group. Schools for the first two years, except in cities. Speakers also use Russian.
Language development Taught in primary schools. Cyrillic script. Newspapers. Bible portions: 1979–1996.
Comments North Caucasian is also called 'Caucasian'. Muslim (Sunni).

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Language name   Avar
Population 44,000 in Azerbaijan (1989 census).
Region Northwest, Zaqatala and Balakan regions.
Alternate names   Avaro, Dagestani
Dialects Zaqatala (Zakataly, Char).
Comments Muslim (Sunni).