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Karen, Pa'o

A language of Myanmar

ISO 639-3: blk

Population 560,000 in Myanmar (1983). Population total all countries: 560,743.
Region Southwestern Shan State and east of the Gulf of Martaban in Tenasserim. Also spoken in Thailand.
Alternate names   Northern Taungthu, Black Karen, Pa-U, Pa'o, Pa Oh, Pa-O
Dialects Southern Pa'o, Northern Pa'o. Southern Pa'o is in Myanmar, Northern Pa'o in Thailand.
Classification Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Karen, Pa'o
Language development Bible portions: 1912–1964.
Comments SVO. Buddhist, traditional religion.

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Language name   Karen, Pa'o
Population 743 in Thailand (2000).
Region Maehongson.
Alternate names   Taungtu, Black Karen, Pa-U, Pa'0, Pa Oh