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Basque, Navarro-Labourdin

A language of France

ISO 639-3: bqe

Population 67,500 (1991). Population includes 45,000 Labourdin, 22,500 Lower Navarro. Total Basque speakers in France estimated at 80,000. Ethnic population: 730,000 (1993 Johnstone).
Region French-Spanish border, 800 square miles surrounding Bayonne, Labourd (Lapurdi), and Basse-Navarre departments.
Alternate names   Navarro-Labourdin
Dialects Labourdin (Lapurdiera), Eastern Low Navarrese (Benaffarera, Bajo Navarro Oriental), Western Low Navarrese (Bajo Navarro Occidental). Navarro-Labourdin is diverse from other Basque dialects, and needs separate literature.
Classification Basque
Language use Basque has the status of a regional language in France. A few schools use Basque as an instructional language, others offer it as a subject. All domains. Home, school, work (agriculture, crafts, trade, commerce, advertising), drama, religion, music, cultural activities. All ages. Speakers also use French.
Language development Newspapers. Radio programs. TV. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible: 1865.
Comments Christian.