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A language of Pakistan

ISO 639-3: bsk

Population 87,049 in Pakistan (2000 WCD).
Region Hunza-Nagar area and Yasin area in Gilgit District, Northern Areas. Scattered speakers also in Gilgit, Kashmir, and various cities. Also spoken in India.
Alternate names   Brushaski, Burushaki, Burucaki, Burushki, Burucaski, Biltum, Khajuna, Kunjut
Dialects Nagar (Nagir), Hunza, Yasin (Werchikwar). Yasin is geographically separated from other dialects. Lexical similarity 91% to 94% between Nagar and Hunza dialects, 67% to 72% between Yasin and Hunza, 66% to 71% between Yasin and Nagar, and may be a separate language.
Classification Language Isolate
Language use Yasin speakers have some proficiency in Khowar. Knowledge of Urdu is limited among women and some others.
Language development Literacy rate in second language: 20%.
Comments People are called Burusho. SOV. Muslim (Ismaili and Shi'a).