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A language of Bangladesh

ISO 639-3: cit

Population 14,000,000 in Bangladesh (1998 H. Ebersole).
Region Chittagong Region. Also spoken in Myanmar.
Alternate names   Chittagonian Bengali
Dialects Rohinga (Akyab). Not inherently intelligible with Bengali, although considered to be a nonstandard Bengali dialect. A continuum of dialects from north to south, with a larger religious distinction between Muslim and others. An ethnic Bengali Muslim who speaks the Muslim variety of Chittagonian Bengali and was born in Arakan state, Myanmar, is called a 'Rohinga'. The dialect is intelligible to those born in southeastern Bangladesh.
Classification Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Eastern zone, Bengali-Assamese
Language use Used for religious instruction in village mosques. Village women without access to TV do not understand Bengali. Many educated people understand some Bengali, but are not comfortable using it. All education is in Standard Bengali.
Language development Lower literacy rate than most of the country. TV.
Comments Muslim, Hindu, Christian.

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Language name   Chittagonian
Region Arakan State.
Dialects Rohinga (Akyab).
Comments They migrated from Bangladesh several generations ago. 250,000 refugees went back to Bangladesh recently, but most have been repatriated back to Myanmar by UNHCR. Muslim, Hindu, Christian.