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Chin, Falam

A language of Myanmar

ISO 639-3: flm

Population 100,000 in Myanmar (1991 UBS). Population includes 9,000 Tashon, 16,000 Zanniat, 7,000 Khualshim, 4,000 Lente, 14,400 Zahao 18,600 in Laizao (1983). Population total all countries: 125,367.
Region Falam District, Chin Hills. Also spoken in Bangladesh, India.
Alternate names   Hallam Chin, Halam, Fallam, Falam
Dialects Zanniat, Tashon (Tashom, Shunkla, Sunkhla), Laizo (Laiso, Laizao, Laizo-Shimhrin), Zahao (Zahau, Yahow, Zahau-Shimhrin, Lyen-Lyem), Khualshim (Kwelshin), Lente (Lyente), Chorei. Chorei may be a separate language. In India, other dialect or clan names are: Choral, Dap, Eauglong, Ranjkho, Bong, Bongcher, Kaljang, Korbong, Langkai, Moosephang (Machaphang), Migli, Mitahar. They are collectively called 'Baro Halam'. Rupini and Koloi are said to be quite different from the others. Tapong is reported to have difficult intelligibility for speakers of other dialects.
Classification Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Kuki-Chin-Naga, Kuki-Chin, Northern
Language development Most young people and some older people, if educated, can read Falam (Myanmar). Roman script in India. Bible: 1991.
Comments SOV. Christian.

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Language name   Chin, Falam
Alternate names   Hallam Chin, Halam, Fallam, Falam
Dialects Chorei, Zanniat.


Language name   Chin, Falam
Population 25,367 in India (1994). Population includes 7,000 Ranglong.
Region Assam, Karimganj District, south, a few villages in Cachar and North Hills districts; Tripura; Mizoram; West Bengal.
Alternate names   Halam Chin, Hallam, Fallam, Tipura
Dialects Chorei, Chari Chong, Halam, Kaipang, Kalai (Koloi), Mursum (Molsom), Rupini, Ranglong, Tapong.
Language development Literacy among Kaipeng in Tripura is low.
Comments Halam is a Scheduled Tribe in India. Many ethnic Halam speak Kokborok as first language. Halam is a generic term under which nine subgroups, each having a separate dialect, are grouped together (Sakachep, Chorei, Rupini, Ranglong, Marcephang (Khochung), Molsom, Keipang, Bondcher, Rangkhol). Hindu, traditional religion, Christian.