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Dari, Zoroastrian

A language of Iran

ISO 639-3: gbz

Population 8,000 to 15,000 (1999).
Region Yezd and Kerman areas.
Alternate names   Dari, "Gabri", "Gabar", "Yazdi"
Dialects Related to Parsi-Dari and Nâyini.
Classification Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Northwestern, Central Iran
Language use Spoken by Persian Zoroastrians in their personal communications as a private language. Speakers also use Western Farsi.
Comments A different language from Dari (Eastern Farsi) of Afghanistan, although both names come from Darius, the ancient Emperor, whom they both relate to ("dar" is also Classical Persian for 'court'). Many Zoroastrians speak Parsi-Dari and do not know Zoroastrian Dari. "Gabri", "Gabar" and "Yazdi" are derogatory names. Zoroastrian.