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Karen, Pwo Eastern

A language of Myanmar

ISO 639-3: kjp

Population 1,000,000 in Myanmar (1998). Population total all countries: 1,050,000.
Region Karen State, Mon State, Tensserim Division. Also spoken in Thailand.
Alternate names   Phlou, Moulmein Pwo Karen
Dialects Pa'an (Moulmein, Inland Pwo Eastern Karen), Kawkareik (Eastern Border Pwo Karen), Tavoy (Southern Pwo Karen). Not intelligible with other Pwo Karen varieties. Lexical similarity 91% to 97% among dialects, 63% to 65% with other Pwo Karen varieties.
Classification Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Karen, Pwo
Language development Monastic Burmese script, Mon-based script being developed for Myanmar and Thailand; Christian script Burmese based; Leke script; Thai-based script in Thailand. Bible portions: 2002.
Comments SVO.

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Language name   Karen, Pwo Western Thailand
Population 50,000 in Thailand (1998).
Region Tak (Mae Sot south), Ulthaithani, Suphanburi, Kanchanaburi, Ratchaburi, Phetchaburi, and Prachuapkhirikhan (Huahin District) provinces. Kanchanaburi dialect is northern, Ratchaburi-Phetchaburi dialect is southern.
Alternate names   Phlou, Southern Pwo Karen
Dialects Kanchanaburi Pwo Karen, Ratchaburi Pwo Karen (Phetchaburi Pwo Karen).
Language development Literacy rate in first language: below 1%. Literacy rate in second language: 15% to 50%.