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A language of Central African Republic

ISO 639-3: sag

Population 350,000 in Central African Republic (1988 census). Population includes 24,573 Sango Riverain. Population total all countries: 404,000.
Region Scattered. Not in Cameroon. Also spoken in Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Alternate names   Sangho
Dialects A rapidly spreading creole derived from Ngbandi. Lexical similarity 51% with French, 49% from African languages. However, the African-based words are used more frequently.
Classification Creole, Ngbandi based
Language use National language. 1,600,000 second-language speakers. More men than women speak it as second language. All domains. Spoken and written for informal use, used for instruction in community schools, in public schools when students do not understand French, church and mission publications.
Language development Radio programs. TV. Bible: 1966.
Comments SVO.

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Language name   Sango
Region Southern Chad.
Alternate names   Sangho
Language use Trade language. A trade language derived from Ngbandi, with decreasing usage in Chad. Probably no first-language speakers in Chad.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Language name   Sango
Population Few speakers in Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Region Extreme northern border of Equateur Province (Oubangui River).
Alternate names   Sangho
Language use Trade language.
Comments A rapidly spreading language derived from Ngbandi with loans from Bantu languages and French.