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A language of Iran

ISO 639-3: syn

Population 60 in Iran (1997 H. Mutzafi). Population total all countries: 460.
Region Tehran and Qazvin. Originally in Sanandaj, Kordestan Province. Some in western Europe. Also spoken in Australia, USA.
Alternate names   Sena:ya, Christian Neo-Aramaic, Shan Sray, Lshan Sray, Soray, Sray, Shan Gyanan
Dialects The variety in Qazvin is slightly different from that spoken by Sanandaj-born people.
Classification Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, Aramaic, Eastern, Central, Northeastern
Language use Speakers are shifting to Assyrian Neo-Aramaic.
Language development Syriac script.
Comments Christian (Chaldean).