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Tai Nüa

A language of China

ISO 639-3: tdd

Population 250,000 in China (1990 Svantesson). Population total all countries: 357,400. Ethnic population: 1,025,128 in the official nationality (1990 census).
Region Dehong Prefecture, southwest of Dali near the Lancang (Mekong) River in south central Yunnan. Also possibly in northern Viet Nam. Also spoken in France, Laos, Myanmar, Switzerland, Thailand.
Alternate names   Dai Nuea, Tai Neua, Tai Nue, Tai Nü, Dai Na, Dehong Dai, Dehong, Tai Dehong, Tai Le, Tai-Le, Dai Kong, Tai-Kong, Tai Mao, Chinese Shan, Chinese Tai, Yunannese Shan, Yunnan Shant'ou
Dialects Dehong, Tai Pong (La, You, Ya, Ka, Tai Ka, Sai), Yongren. Lexical similarity 65% with Northern Zhuang, 29% with Laqua, 27% with Buyang and Lati, 22% with Gelo.
Classification Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Be-Tai, Tai-Sek, Tai, Southwestern, Northwest
Language development Liek script. Dictionary. Bible portions: 1931–1948.
Comments Part of the Dai nationality and the Zhuang nationality. Northern Shan-like varieties referred to collectively as 'Tai Nüa'. Officially included under Dai in China; called 'Dehong Dai'. Language taught at Kunming Institute. SVO; modifiers follow heads. Agriculturalists: paddy rice, sugar, Pu'er tea, bananas, coconuts, papayas, rubber. Buddhist (Theravada), polytheist.

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Language name   Tai Nüa
Population 35,000 in Laos (1995 Chazee).
Region Northwestern Laos. Also possibly in north Viet Nam.
Alternate names   Chinese Shan, Tai Neua, Tai Nuea
Comments Called 'Dehong Dai' or 'Shan' in China. A different dialect from that in China. Traditional religion.


Language name   Tai Nüa
Population 72,400 in Myanmar (1983).
Region Also possibly in northern Viet Nam.
Alternate names   Tai Neua, Chinese Shan, Tai Kong
Comments Called 'Dehong Dai' in China. The Laos dialect is different from China.


Language name   Tai Nüa
Region Also possibly in northern Viet Nam.
Alternate names   Chinese Shan, Tai Neua, Tai Man, Dehong Dai