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Tat, Muslim

A language of Azerbaijan

ISO 639-3: ttt

Population 18,000 in Azerbaijan (1989 census). Population total all countries: 26,000. Ethnic population: 22,041 in Azerbaijan (1990 A. E. Kibrik).
Region It may be declining around Baku, but still widely used in the mountainous area around Qonaqkend. Also spoken in Iran, Russia (Europe).
Alternate names   Mussulman Tati, Muslim Tat, Tati
Dialects Quba, Devechi, Qonaqkend, Qyzyl Qazma, Aruskush-Daqqushchu (Khyzy), Absheron, Balakhani, Surakhani, Lahyj, Malham. Difficult intelligibility of Judeo-Tat. Close to Farsi. It has vowel harmony like Azerbaijani. Balakhani are recent exiles from Iran, and their language is very close to Farsi. Lahyj may be a separate language.
Classification Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Western, Southwestern, Tat
Language use Used in the home. A few children speak Tat. Positive language attitude. Lahyi use Azerbaijani as a literary language.
Language development Taught in primary schools. Dictionary. Grammar.
Comments Different from Takestani of Iran. Muslim (Shi'a).

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Language name   Tat, Muslim
Population 8,000 in Iran.
Alternate names   Mussulman Tati
Language use Speakers use Azerbaijani as a literary language in Azerbaijan.
Comments Not written. Different from Takestani of Iran. Muslim (Shi'a).

Russia (Europe)

Language name   Tat, Muslim
Region In Northern Caucasus (Dashestan) and a large community in Moscow.
Alternate names   Mussulman Tati
Dialects Northern Tats.