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A language of Azerbaijan

ISO 639-3: udi

Population 4,200 in Azerbaijan (1995). Population total all countries: 5,720.
Region Qabala, Nic, and Mirzabeyli villages, and Oghuz, Oghuz town. Most Udi are reported to have left Oghuz. Also spoken in Georgia, Russia (Asia), Turkmenistan.
Alternate names   Udin, Uti
Dialects Oghuz (Vartashen), Nidzh (Nij, Nic, Nizh), Oktomberi. Oktomberi is more different from Nic Udi than Oghuz Udi is. One of the most divergent of the Lesgian languages.
Classification North Caucasian, East Caucasian, Lezgic, Udi
Language use Up to 1954 schooling was in Azerbaijani. New primers and folk tales have been prepared for publication. Udi is used for intragroup communication. 30% to 50% of children speak Udi. Russian and sometimes Azerbaijani used as literary languages; in some areas they use Armenian or Georgian. In Nic the children attend Russian language schools.
Language development Cyrillic script. Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1902.
Comments Plains. Deciduous forest. Peasant agriculturalists: horticulture; animal husbandry: hogs, cattle. Christian.