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Arabic, Judeo-Tripolitanian

A language of Israel

ISO 639-3: yud

Population 30,000 in Israel (1994 H. Mutzafi). Population total all countries: 35,000.
Region Originally from Tripolitania, Libya. None left in Libya. Also spoken in Italy.
Alternate names   Tripolitanian Judeo-Arabic, Jewish Tripolitanian-Libyan Arabic, Tripolita'it, Yudi
Dialects Not intelligible with Judeo-Iraqi Arabic. Medium intelligibility with Judeo-Tunisian Arabic and Judeo-Morocco Arabic.
Classification Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic
Language use Most speakers older than 40 years. Speakers in Israel are reported to be bilingual in Hebrew.
Language development Hebrew script.
Comments Jewish.