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Terms of Use

These electronic versions of Ethnologue: Languages of the World, and the SIL Bibliography are intended for non-commercial scholarly research and educational use. You may make copies of portions of these documents for research or educational purposes in accordance with the SIL Fair Use Guidelines free of charge and without further permission.

Republication or commercial use of the Ethnologue (and its indexes) and commercial use of bibliography citations is expressly prohibited without the written consent of SIL International (email the Request to publish SIL copyright materials form to . Noncommercial republication of bibliography citations is permitted according to the restrictions outlined in the bibliography overview. You may make links to these documents (with proper attribution), but you may not mirror (i.e., place copies of) these documents, in part or whole, on your site without permission of SIL International (email the Request to publish SIL copyright materials form to ).

Terms of Use for Language Code Download Tables

In the interest of fostering the use of ISO/DIS 639-3 for the uniform identification of all the world's languages in information systems, SIL International releases certain information from the Ethnologue database for use in the development of information systems, specifically, information that describes language identifiers in terms of alternate names and countries where spoken. You are welcome to download the information as provided and incorporate the supplied tables into your own database application. You are also authorized to make that application available to the public, provided that you:

SIL International periodically updates the supplied information, and intends this site to be the sole distribution source in order to ensure uniformity of versions. You are not authorized to redistribute the downloadable code tables, whether in the exact form they were obtained from this site or in a modified form you have developed, without the written consent of SIL International.

Terms of Use for Maps

These maps may be used in reports, presentations, displays, and other uses as long as they are not altered. They have "watermarks" on them to remind users that these are for private use and not for distribution to others, either as printouts or as computer files, except as noted below.


You MAY print or post copies of the JPEG versions of these maps if (1) the copyright and "watermark" are not removed, (2) the graphic is not modified, and (3) no more than three SIL JPEGs are used in any one publication or internet site. Any other use requires prior written permission from SIL International.

These maps may not be displayed on an internet site containing adult or other content objectionable to SIL International.

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External Links disclaimer

Some links in the Ethnologue point to documents and sites which are not located within the Internet domain, and are therefore not managed or controlled by SIL. These links are included to point the reader to other possibly relevant resources.

A link to a document or site other than those included within the domain does not necessarily imply that SIL International