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Languages of Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda. 83,000. Includes 64,000 on Antigua, 1,200 on Barbuda (1997 govt. figures). National or official language: English. Self-governing part of British West Indies. Literacy rate: 90%. Immigrant languages: North Levantine Spoken Arabic (400), Portuguese (1,600). Also includes languages of India and Pakistan. Deaf institutions: 1. The number of individual languages listed for Antigua and Barbuda is 2. Of those, both are living languages.
Antigua and Barbuda Creole English

[aig] 67,000 in Antigua and Barbuda (2001). Population total all countries: 125,270. Throughout Antigua and Barbuda. Also in Anguilla, Dominica, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, United Kingdom. Alternate names: Anguillan Creole English, Kokoy Creole English, Leeward Caribbean Creole, Montserrat Creole English.  Dialects: Antiguan Creole English, Barbuda Creole English. Slight comprehension of Jamaican and perhaps Bahamas creoles. May be similar to English Creoles of the Virgin Islands and Netherlands Antilles. There is a creole continuum with Standard English. There is a dialect spoken mainly by the older generations who live in the villages of Jennings and Bolans, near Johnson. People perceive the Southern variety, spoken along the Fig Tree Drive Road from Swetes to Bolans, as being the most different and difficult to understand. Barbudan is perceived as being more linguistically distant than the Creole English of Montserrat Point (2003 K. Decker).  Classification: Creole, English based, Atlantic, Eastern, Southern 
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[eng] 9,000 in Antigua and Barbuda.  Classification: Indo-European, Germanic, West, English 
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