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Languages of Dominica

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Commonwealth of Dominica. 68,000. National or official language: English. Self-governing part of British West Indies. Literacy rate: 80%–94%. Deaf population: 5,335. The number of individual languages listed for Dominica is 3. Of those, all are living languages.
Dominican Creole French

[acf] 42,600 in Dominica (1998).  Alternate names: Kwèyòl, Lesser Antillean Creole French, Patois, Patwa.  Classification: Creole, French based 
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[eng] 10,000 in Dominica (2004).  Dialects: Dominican English.  Classification: Indo-European, Germanic, West, English 
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Kokoy Creole English

[aig] 200 in Dominica (2004). Marigot and Wesley in northeast Dominica and Clifton and Woodford Hill on the northwest point of the island. Alternate names: Leeward Caribbean Creole English.  Classification: Creole, English based, Atlantic, Eastern, Southern 
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