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Languages of Iceland

Republic of Iceland, Lýðveldið Ísland. 296,000. National or official language: Icelandic. Literacy rate: 100%. Also includes languages of Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, and former Yugoslavia. Blind population: 43. Deaf population: About 200 (2005 M. Parkvall), below 1% of the population. Deaf institutions: 2. The number of individual languages listed for Iceland is 2. Of those, both are living languages.

[isl] 230,000 in Iceland (1980 WA). Population total all countries: 238,050. Also in Canada, United States. Alternate names: Íslenska.  Dialects: No appreciable dialect differences (Nida 1972). Not inherently intelligible with Faroese [fao].  Classification: Indo-European, Germanic, North, West Scandinavian 
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Icelandic Sign Language

[icl]   Classification: Deaf sign language 
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