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A language of Tanzania

ISO 639-3aas

Population  350 (1999 J. Carr).
Region  North, central Maasai Steppe, Landenai, Ndovu Okutu, Lolbeni villages. Also reportedly in Lemelebo, Landrobo, Naitomani districts.
Language map  Tanzania, reference number 43
Alternate names   Aasá, Asá, Asak, Asax, Assa, “Dorobo” , Il Konono, Lamanik, “Ndorobo”
Classification  Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, South
Language use  In 1999 reportedly still spoken in the central Massai Steppe. No remaining speakers in the eastern Maasai Steppe in 1976. Dependent on the Maasai and absorbed into Maasai and nearby Bantu groups. Also use Maasai [mas].
Comments  ‘Assa’ is the name for the people. ‘Lamanik’ and ‘Il Konono’ apparently refer to ancestry and not the language. In the last 4 districts mentioned the Assa are nomadic and hold joint religious ceremonies with the Temi (Sonjo) to the north. Hunter-gatherers; settled and nomadic.
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