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Abnaki, Western

A language of Canada

ISO 639-3abe

Population  5 (2006 P. Tamburro). Some L1 speakers only passively retain the language and (or) are semi fluent. Ethnic population: 1,800 including Eastern Abnaki in USA (1982 SIL).
Region  Odanak, Quebec, at Abenaki Reserve, between Montreal and Quebec City.
Language map  Canada
Alternate names   Abenaki, Abenaqui, St. Francis
Classification  Algic, Algonquian, Eastern
Language use  Used for source material for linguistic studies and language revival programs. All older adults. At least 3 communities, notably Abenaki Reserve, are attempting to revive the language. Also use French.
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar. Bible portions: 1844.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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