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A language of Georgia

ISO 639-3abk

Population  101,000 in Georgia (1993). Population total all countries: 117,350.
Region  Abkhaz Republic, Black Sea coast. Also in Russian Federation (Asia), Turkey (Asia), Ukraine.
Alternate names   Abxazo
Dialects  Bzyb, Abzhui, Samurzakan.
Classification  North Caucasian, West Caucasian, Abkhaz-Abazin
Language use  National language. 94% speak it as L1.
Language development  Bible portions: 1912–1981.
Writing system  Cyrillic script, used since 1860s. Georgian script, Mkhedruli style, no longer in use.
Comments  Agriculturalists: maize, tobacco, tea; animal husbandry: sheep, goats, horses; forestry. Christian, Muslim.

Also spoken in:

Turkey (Asia)

Language name   Abkhaz
Population  4,000 in Turkey (1980). Ethnic population: 39,000 in Turkey (Johnstone and Mandryk 2001).
Region  Northeast, Coruh; northwest; mainly Bolu and Sakarya provinces.
Alternate names  Abxazo
Dialects  Bzyb, Abzhui, Samurzakan.
Language use  Also use Turkish [tur].
Comments  Agriculturalists. Muslim (Sunni).
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