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Amis, Nataoran

A language of Taiwan

ISO 639-3ais

Population  5 (2000 S. Wurm).
Region  Hualien area and north of Fenglin.
Language map  Taiwan
Alternate names   Nataoran, Natawran, Tauran
Dialects  Nataoran, Sakizaya (Sakiray, Sakiraya), Kaliyawan (Kaliyuawan), Natawran, Cikosowan, Pokpok, Ridaw. Not generally understood by other Amis. The Sakizaya dialect is even more divergent from Central Amis [ami]. In recent years dialects converged. Lexical similarity: 50% with Central Amis.
Classification  Austronesian, East Formosan, Central
Language use  Older adults.
Language development  Dictionary.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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