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A language of Guyana

ISO 639-3ake

Population  4,500 in Guyana (2002 SIL). Population total all countries: 5,350.
Region  West central, north of Patamona. Also in Brazil, Venezuela.
Language map  Guyana
Alternate names   Acahuayo, Acewaio, Akawai, Ingariko
Dialects  Similar to Macushi [mbc], marginally intelligible with the Arecuna dialect of Pemon [aoc].
Classification  Carib, Northern, East-West Guiana, Macushi-Kapon, Kapon
Language development  Bible portions: 1873.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Important differences in vocabulary from Patamona [pbc]. Hunter-gatherers; fishermen. Traditional religion.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Ingarikó
Population  670 in Brazil (1997 ISA).
Region  Roraima.
Language map  Brazil, reference number 53
Alternate names  Acahuayo, Acewaio, Akawai, Akawaio
Language use  Some also use Portuguese.


Language name   Akawaio
Population  180 in Venezuela (2001 census). Ethnic population: 245.
Region  Bolivar State.
Language map  Venezuela, reference number 1
Alternate names  Acewaio, Akawai, Acawayo, Acahuayo, Waicá, Waika
Language use  Positive attitude. Some also use Spanish.
Comments  Akawaio and Patamona call themselves ‘Kapon’.