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A language of Viet Nam

ISO 639-3bdq

Population  158,000 in Viet Nam (1999 census).
Region  Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen provinces, central highlands. Also in United States.
Language map  Southern Viet Nam, reference number 3
Alternate names   Bana
Dialects  Tolo, Golar, Alakong (A-La Cong), Jolong (Gio-Lang, Y-Lang), Bahnar Bonom (Bomam), Kontum, Krem. Other dialects or ethnic names: Roh, Kpang Cong. Most similar to Alak 1, Tampuan, and Lamam.
Classification  Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Eastern Mon-Khmer, Bahnaric, Central Bahnaric
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 10%–30%. Literacy rate in L2: 50%–75%. Radio programs. NT: 1977.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  An official ethnic community in Viet Nam. Traditional religion, Christian.