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A language of Brunei

ISO 639-3beg

Population  1,000 in Brunei.
Region  Scattered in Belait District; Tutong District in Kampung Kiudang. Also in Malaysia (Sarawak).
Language map  Brunei and Malaysia - Sarawak, reference number 65
Alternate names   Balait Jati, Lemeting, Meting
Dialects  Related to Kiput [kyi] and Narom [nrm]. Lexical similarity: 54% with Tutong [ttg].
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, North Borneo, North Sarawakan, Berawan-Lower Baram, Lower Baram, Central, A
Language use  Shifting to Brunei Malay [kxd]. Mainly adults.
Comments  Recognized by the government as an indigenous group. Muslim Belait are Malay in orientation. Non-Muslims retain their Belait identity more. Heavy intermarriage with Bisaya and Chinese. Muslim.

Also spoken in:

Malaysia (Sarawak)

Language name   Belait
Language map 
Alternate names  Lemeting, Meting
Comments  Muslim.
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