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Bicolano, Albay

A language of Philippines

ISO 639-3bhk
This ISO 639-3 code has been retired after the publication of Ethnologue, 16th edition. For more information, see the code change history documentation.

Population  1,900,000 (2000). 4,583,034 all Bikol languages (2000 census).
Region  Luzon, west Albay Province and Buhi, Camarines Sur.
Language map  Southern Philippines, reference number 75
Dialects  Buhi (Buhi’non), Daraga, Libon, Oas, Ligao.
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Central Philippine, Bikol, Inland, Buhi-Daraga
A member of macrolanguage Bikol [bik] (Philippines).
Language use  Also use some Central Bicolano [bcl].
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