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A language of Chad

ISO 639-3bid

Population  14,000 (Jungraithmayr 1981).
Region  Guéra region, Guéra Department, Mongo Subprefecture, south of Mongo and west of Abou Telfane.
Language map  Southwestern Chad, reference number 55
Alternate names   ’Bidio, ’Bidiyo, Bidio, Bidiya, Bidiyo-Waana, Bidyo
Dialects  Garawgino (Kafila), Jekkino (Kofilo), Bigawguno (Tounkoul), Nalguno (Niergui), ’Oboyguno (Zerli). The first 2 dialects listed are eastern, the others western. Dambiya is probably a Bidiyo dialect instead of a Migaama [mmy] dialect.
Classification  Afro-Asiatic, Chadic, East, B, B.1, 1
Language use  Most also use Chadian Spoken Arabic [shu].
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar.
Comments  Muslim.