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Berbice Creole Dutch

A language of Guyana

ISO 639-3brc

Population  4 (1993 S. Kouwenberg). 15 with limited competence (Holm 1989).
Region  Berbice River area.
Language map  Guyana
Dialects  Claim it is not inherently intelligible with Skepi Creole Dutch [skw] or the Rupununi dialect of Guyanese Creole English [gyn]. About 1/3 of the basic lexicon and most of the productive morphology is from Izon [ijc] in Nigeria; most of the rest of the lexicon is from Dutch [nld], 10% loans from Arawak [arw] and Guyanese Creole English.
Classification  Creole, Dutch based
Language use  Also use Guyanese Creole English, which has influenced Berbice considerably.
Language development  Grammar.
Comments  SVO. Nearly extinct.