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A language of Nigeria

ISO 639-3bsx

Population  100 (1996 R. Blench).
Region  Plateau state, Kanam, Langtang, and Wase LGAs, west of Bashar, 25 km north of Jarme on Amper-Bashar Road. 4 villages: Tukur, Bayar, Pyaksam, and Kiram.
Language map  Nigeria, Map 3, reference number 185
Alternate names   Bashar, Basharawa, Bashiri, Yankam
Dialects  Similar to Pe [pai].
Classification  Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Benue-Congo, Plateau, Tarokoid
Language use  Most have shifted to Hausa [hau], but retain their Bashar identity. Mainly older adults.
Comments  Heavily influenced by 19th century slave raids. Muslim. Nearly extinct.
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