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A language of Ethiopia

ISO 639-3bxe

Population  8. Ethnic population: 89 (2000 M. Brenzinger).
Region  Southeast Omo region, west bank of Weyt’o River. 1 village.
Language map  Southwestern Ethiopia, reference number 63
Alternate names   “Birale” , “Birelle” , Ifa, “Shanqilla”
Classification  Afro-Asiatic, Unclassified
Language use  Older adults. Not supportive of language maintenance. Ethnic group members who do not speak Birale conduct their affairs in Tsamai [tsb].
Comments  SOV; postpositions, genitives follow noun heads, suffixes indicate noun case, verb affixes mark subject, person, number, and gender; passive; causative. Agriculturalists; hunters. Nearly extinct.