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Nicaragua Creole English

A language of Nicaragua

ISO 639-3bzk

Population  30,000 (1986 Carrier Pidgin). 625 Rama Cay Creole speakers (Holm 1989).
Region  Bluefields region, Rama Cay Island, Pearl Lagoon, Prinzapolka, Puerto Cabezas, Corn Islands.
Language map  Nicaragua
Alternate names   Mískito Coast Creole English
Dialects  Rama Cay Creole English, Bluefields Creole English.
Classification  Creole, English based, Atlantic, Western
Language use  L1 of Creole people and most Garifuna; L2 of most Mískito and some Spanish speakers. Positive attitude. Also use English or Spanish.
Language development  Bible portions: 1999.