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A language of Russian Federation (Asia)

ISO 639-3ckt

Population  7,740. Ethnic population: 15,767 (2002 Russian census).
Region  Northeast Siberia, Chukchi Peninsula, Chukot and Koryak National Okrug.
Language map  Eastern Asian Russia, reference number 5
Alternate names   Chuchee, Chukcha, Chukchee, Chukot, Luoravetlan
Dialects  Uellanskij, Pevekskij, Enmylinskij, Nunligranskij, Xatyrskij, Chaun, Enurmin, Yanrakinot. Closely related to Alutor [air], Kerek [krk] and Koryak [kpy]. Itelmen [itl] is more distantly related. Chukchi may be mutually intelligible with some varieties of Koryak [kpy] (1988 Comrie). Literary dialect and gender dialects also exist. Gender differences are largely phonological. Women’s dialect largely ignored in language development.
Classification  Chukotko-Kamchatkan, Northern, Chukot
Language use  60% of the population. Few domains but extensive use in reindeer herding brigades. All ages. Under 50 speak Russian with varying proficiency, but nomadic groups resist Russian language and culture. Mildly to strongly supportive toward Chukchi. Also use Russian, Yakut [sah], Even [eve], or Yukaghir [ykg].
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar.
Writing system  Cyrillic script.
Comments  School at Anadyr. Chukchi in Magadan area are nomadic. Reindeer herdsmen, formerly sea mammal hunters. Shamanist.
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