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A language of Taiwan

ISO 639-3ckv

Population  24 (2000 P. Li). Ethnic population: 200.
Region  Northeast coast, above Toucheng to Ilan, nearly to Suao, and inland to Tayal language area. No longer spoken in the original area; a few migrants to the east coast, Hsishe village, Fengpin Township, Hualien County (1990).
Alternate names   Cabaran, Kabalan, Kabaran, Kamalan, Kavanan, Kavarauan, Kbalan, Kibalan, Kiwaraw, Kiwarawa, Kuvalan, Kuvarawan, Kuwarawan, Kvalan, Shekwan
Dialects  Kareovan (Kareowan).
Classification  Austronesian, East Formosan, Northern
Language use  Still spoken in Atayal [tay] territory (1987). Home. Mainly older adults. Neutral attitude. Also use Amis [ami] or Taiwanese [nan].
Language development  Dictionary. Grammar.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  Sinicized. Nearly extinct.