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Asmat, Central

A language of Indonesia (Papua)

ISO 639-3cns

Population  7,000 (Roesler 1972).
Region  Asmat Regency; Sawa-Erma, Agats, Atsy, and Pantai Kasuari subdistricts. South coast from Owap River northwest to Farec River southwest, inland toward the foothills and inland. Also Mappi Regency coast, Nambai and Edera subdistricts, south of Yaqay [jaq] language.
Language maps  Indonesia, Eastern Papua, reference number 66
Indonesia, Eastern Papua, reference number 66
Alternate names   Jas, Manowee, Yas
Dialects  Simai (Simay), Misman, Ajam (Ayam). North Asmat most distinct dialect. Related to Sempan [xse] north of the rivers. Similar to Kamoro [kgq] and Citak [txt].
Classification  Trans-New Guinea, Asmat-Kamoro, Asmat
Language use  Many also use Indonesian [ind].
Language development  NT: 1985.
Comments  Christian, traditional religion.