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A language of Ecuador

ISO 639-3con

Population  800 in Ecuador (2000 Juncosa), increasing. 800 monolinguals. Population total all countries: 1,700. Ethnic population: 1,500.
Region  Both sides of the Colombia and Ecuador border, Napo Province near Santa Rosa de Sucumbios, and down Aguarico River about 130 km, Sucumbios Province. 5 centers in Ecuador, and scattered between. Also in Colombia.
Language map  Ecuador, reference number 7
Alternate names   A’i, Kofán, Kofane
Dialects  Chibchan with Western Tucanoan features (Ferndon, Borman), Barbacoan (J. Mason), or Jivaroan (Ruhlen 1987). Some Witotoan influences.
Classification  Chibchan, Cofan
Language use  Official language. Vigorous. Some Siona and Secoya have learned Cofán due to intermarriage, and their children learn Cofán. All domains. All ages. Positive attitude. Some also use Siona [snn], Secoya [sey], or Napo Lowland Quichua [qvo]. Schools are in Spanish, except for early grades which provide bilingual education.
Language development  Literacy rate in L1: 60%. Literacy rate in L2: 60%. Taught in primary schools. Radio programs. Dictionary. NT: 1980–2007.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  SOV. Swidden agriculturalists; crafts for tourists. Traditional religion, Christian.

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Language name   Cofán
Population  900 in Colombia (2000 Lozano), decreasing. Many monolinguals.
Region  Colombia-Ecuador border area, Putumayo Province.
Language map  Southern Colombia
Alternate names  Kofan, Kofane, A’i, A’ingae
Dialects  Aguarico, Santa Rosa.
Language use  Some children don’t speak Cofán.
Comments  Traditional religion, Christian.