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A language of Poland

ISO 639-3csb

Population  3,000 in Poland. Ethnic population: 100,000 or more (1993 T. Salminen).
Region  North central, near Baltic coast, left bank of the Lower Vistula; west of Bay of Gdansk; narrow strip inland, southwest from Gdynia. Also in Canada.
Alternate names   Cashubian, Cassubian, Kaszubski
Dialects  Kashubian Proper, Slovincian. German influences in the language. Transitional dialects between Kashubian Proper, the Slovincian dialect, and Polish [pol].
Classification  Indo-European, Slavic, West, Lechitic
Language use  No remaining speakers of Slovincian. Few children use Kashubian Proper.
Language development  NT: 1995.
Comments  Most of ethnic group speak regional variety of Polish [pol] (1993 Tapani Salminen).
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