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Miwok, Central Sierra

A language of United States

ISO 639-3csm

Population  12. 6 Eastern Central Sierra, 6 Western Central Sierra (1994 L. Hinton); Census (2000) lists 50 “Sierra Miwok” which may include Northern Sierra [nsq] and Southern Sierra [skd]. Ethnic population: Possibly 5,000 all Miwok (2000 A. Yamamoto).
Region  California, upper valleys of the Stanislause and Tuolumne.
Language map  Southwestern United States of America
Dialects  Eastern Central Sierra Miwok, Western Central Sierra Miwok. Separate from other Miwok varieties.
Classification  Penutian, Yok-Utian, Utian, Miwokan, Eastern, Sierra
Language use  Shifting to English.
Comments  Nearly extinct.
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