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Kinabatangan, Upper

A language of Malaysia (Sabah)

ISO 639-3dmg

Population  5,000 (2000). 500 Dusun Segama and 800 to 900 Sinabu’ (1985 SIL).
Region  Primarily upper reaches of Kinabatangan River; also Lahad Datu and Sandakan districts, Maligatan, Minusu, and Tongud.
Language map  Malaysia - Sabah, reference number 119
Alternate names   Sungai Milian
Dialects  Kalabuan (Kolobuan), Makiang, Dusun Segama (Saga-i, Soghai, Segai), Sinabu’ (Sinabu). Dialects have approximately 87% mutual intelligibility. Lexical similarity: over 90% among all dialects, except Makiang and Sinabu’ with 80%.
Classification  Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, North Borneo, Sabahan, Paitanic, Upper Kinabatangan
Language development  Bible portions: 1984–1995.
Comments  Agriculturalists; rattan gatherers; lumbermen.